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Published by LewrBM69 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


cross platform play graw

I am for it 48.2% (69)
can it be done? 20.2% (29)
what is cross platform? 17.4% (25)
Never! 13.9% (20)
Total: 143
Start: 07-09-2008 17:05
Last: 08-27-2008 04:39

 #1 - Posted by: MatmanDude (Member) on 07-16-2008 at 18:11

Does this mean like play GRAW and GRAW 2 on PS3 or something? If so I'm for it. GRAW 2 for PS3 is way better than the PC version. Umm if that's not what this means then eh I'm lost lol.

 #2 - what is cross platform? - Posted by: lewrbm69 (Staff) on 07-19-2008 at 20:31

ok, simple it is being albe to play PC game with console(ps3 360 wii) player

 #3 - Posted by: vfn4i83 (Member) on 07-27-2008 at 11:19

I was especting this feature in this new generation of consoles, but never been implemented. Hould be awesome, to pwone those kids

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